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Dara Engineering Consultants is thrilled to be part of the contributors for international fans affordable housing, during the FIFA World cup 2022 in Qatar. Barahat Al Janoub is primarily designed to provide accommodation for labor in Qatar. However, since the project was completed during the time-frame of the tournament, the development assisted in covering the shortage for affordable accommodation options. It was optimized by being listed as a hospitality venue to host international fans. The integration of FIFA campaigning across the site created a city-scale fan zone hub, that encouraged many international visitors to choose Barahat Al Janoub as their resting destination.

Located at Al Wakra District, Barahat Al Janoub is 21 kilometers away from Doha’s city center, the development was initiated to provide quality living for 67,392 workers and provide them with an integrated community with affordable accommodation. The master plan is based on an urban grid fabric, reminiscent of traditional clustered Arabic courtyard houses with G+2 buildings, that will be equipped with the latest smart city technologies, to provide innovative solutions and services to different segments of the community. The 773,457 square meters city is formed of 1,404 units with 4 rooms on each level, providing 16,848 rooms in total.

The modular construction system adopted throughout allowed for multiple configurations within the masterplan, ensuring equal standards of living among its anticipated residents. Barahat Al Janoub comprises of amenities such as daily mosques, Friday Mosque, hypermarket, central retail, local retails, substations, primary substation, MOI building, Waseef building and sewage treatment plant. Outdoor facilities and other services have been added to cater to the tenant’s necessities and leisure requirements. As Dara Engineering is known to design sustainably, green landscaped areas are integrated throughout the project with numerous parks and playgrounds to strengthen the sustainable credentials of the project, Barahat al Janoub has 126,938 square meters of green areas, 425,235 square meters driveway/walkway/ parking area and a total built up area (BUA) of 754,674 square meters.

Dara Engineering Consultant’s scope of work within the project is an all-encompassing responsibility, ranging from the pre-design phase (including master planning, road design, landscape design, infrastructure, architectural design, mechanical electrical and plumbing, etc.) up until full project supervision and handing-over. We are immensely proud to have accomplished a large-scale all-inclusive functioning development, that also contributes to strengthening the construction industry in Qatar.


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