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Claims Evaluation

Construction claims can be complex and costly, impacting both your organization and your clients. Our specialized claims evaluation services provide valuable support in navigating these challenges and mitigating potential disputes.

Our experienced professionals possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in evaluating construction claims, including thorough time and cost impact analysis. We meticulously review contractual agreements, project documentation, and relevant data to provide accurate and objective assessments. Our services encompass a detailed contract review, identifying discrepancies, ambiguities, and potential areas of contention. Through comprehensive plan reviews, we ensure alignment with contractual obligations and industry standards, minimizing the risk of disputes.

We assist in pre-project planning, offering valuable insights to anticipate and avoid issues before they arise. Our team validates and monitors costs and schedules, providing a clear understanding of the financial and time implications of a claim.

Constructability reviews are conducted to identify potential risks and offer recommendations that minimize disruptions and costly rework. We also provide expert guidance on commercial and extension of time claims, preparing detailed reports and analysis that outline the impacts of variation orders on time and cost entitlement.

With a focus on accuracy and objectivity, we leverage advanced tools and methodologies to deliver precise evaluations. Our claims evaluation services help you navigate the complexities of construction claims, offering comprehensive support and mitigating potential disputes.

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary insights and assessments to make informed decisions and resolve construction claims effectively. We understand the importance of fair resolutions and minimizing the impact of claims on your projects.

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